Insurance Collection Executives, "ICE", is an industry organization dedicated to supporting the insurance collection professional. While the organization's roots date back more than 40 years, ICE addresses the many challenges faced by today's insurance collection professionals. At the core of the organization is a Board of Directors comprised of committed industry executives, who, like you, recognize the tremendous benefit of this unique industry affiliation.

Education Committee

The mission of the Education Committee shall be to fulfill the needs of the members by making quality and diverse educational opportunities available to as many members of the association as possible. To that end, the Education Committee is responsible for development and delivery of training programs for the Billing and Collection professionals.

Committee Chair: Pat Badger - CNA
Phone: 312-822-1461

Committee Co-Chair: Maura McGarry - Arbella
Phone: 617-328-2911


Pat Archambault - Beacon Mutual Erin Berger - Markel
Nick Civitano - Arch Lisa Fargusson - Zurich
Ryan Roell-SAIF Joan Shaw-Maingrette-Chubb
Brian Simonetti - AIG

Goals for 2017
  • Full implementation of the updated ICE Professional Designation Program leveraging Insurance, Finance and Business Skills modules: ICE Certification and ICE Associate Designation
  • Initiate promotions for the ICE Professional Designations: to member companies, to non-members, to first time conference attendees
  • Pilot the Virtual Classroom: AINS21 – Property and Liability Insurance Principles, Zurich and Arch members – pilot with 17 participants
  • Manage training incentive award program (Only member companies are eligible): Brown & Joseph funded $2,500 to first five to earn a new designation, Award in increments of $500 in 2017
  • Publish 3 THE CUBE newsletters and review schedule throughout year: Review alternate publication methods, Investigate leveraging more dynamic use of ICE website
  • Conduct three ICE webinars: Premium Finance – First Insurance Funding (Mar 2017), Selling Receivables – Brown & Joseph (TBD), TBD
  • Participate in website updates for Education Program design and MIF article list
  • Maintain a monthly cadence of ongoing ICE Education Committee meetings
  • Conference planning and Education Committee involvement
  • Contribute to Question of the Month/Surveys
  • Collaborate with other ICE committees
  • Recruit for Education Committee

ICE Professional Designation Program!

The ICE Education Committee developed curricula for member companies to support the professional development of their collection and receivable management employees.

The committee developed course requirements for an ICE Certification designation and an ICE Associate designation. Each designation requires the completion of required and elective courses from an Insurance, Finance, and Business Skill module.

ICE offers a robust program delivering proven knowledge solutions that drive powerful business results for the collection and billing industry. This is a wonderful opportunity for our business partners and service providers to enrich their staff's career development.

Access the ICE Designation Programs document below to see the qualifying courses. Both member and non-member companies are eligible to participate and earn the ICE designation(s) with the following provisions for non-member companies:

- non-member companies will be charged an administrative fee of $100 to cover reviewing and processing when submitting an application for an employee completing the ICE Designation

- non-member companies will not be eligible for the ICE Designation Training Incentive award; this is a member company award only.

Education Training Incentive Award

The ICE Education Committee has a $500 training incentive award for the next FIVE – 2017 Education Program recipients of the ICE Certification designation or the ICE Associate designation.

This award provides an extra incentive for your participation and career growth. To be eligible for the award, submit documentation to show evidence of successful completion of either designation using the Program Completion Form below.

ICE issues a certificate to the member company to present to their employee. The certificates are recognized and valued within the insurance industry. ICE Members are eligible for only one incentive.

If you have not earned one yet, the time is now! This training incentive award is funded by Brown & Joseph to encourage and reward education program participants.

Thank you Brown & Joseph for financing this incentive!

Contact with any questions you may have about the program.

ICE Certification Forms

Member Initiatives

  • Billing System Consolidation (2014/04/15)
    Ray Steer from Markel met their goal to provide a single billing solution including consolidated reporting to improve customer service.
  • Improving the Customer Experience (2013/12/15)
    Ray Farinella from Selective improved the most frequent customer touch point through bill redesign.
  • Zurich-Lean (2013/09/15)
    Robert Boyle from Zurich wanted to implement a methodology to encourage and sustain an environment of continuous improvement.
  • ICE Receivable Management Certificate Programs (2013/07/15)
    Lynn Krueger from New Mexico Mutual and Nick Civitano from Arch Insurance Group describe how they generated interest in the ICE Education program and how it helped with professional development plans.
  • Agency Bill Pay Tool (2013/04/15)
    Pat Hurston from CNA described how they were able to streamline reconciliation and disputes.
  • Project and Change Management (2012/12/15)
    Donald Duffey from Zurich summarized best practices for project management as organizational alignment, business representation and appropriate sponsorship.
  • Creating a Vision for Your Organization (2012/09/15)
    Pat Hurston and Dan Cox from CNA offered tips for building a vision including leader commitment, outside the box thinking, importance of pre-work and a collaborative process with guidance.

ICE Webinars

  • Expanded Payment Webinar (2017/10/18)
    Paymentus describes how giving policyholders more payment options can impact satisfaction and adoption of your eServices. Often insurance companies have outdated payment interfaces and/or minimal payment channels, and that can lead to low customer adoption of your electronic payments. During the webinar, we’ll explore a variety of topics to help you engage your policyholders, speed up collections, and stay ahead of the competition. Participants will understand the impact of modern, seamless, and intuitive payment interfaces on usage, learn about new mobile payment trends, uncover best practices for using outbound noti cations, and explore techniques to alleviate the risk and burden of compliance and security issues associated with taking electronic payments.
  • Premium Finance 101 (2017/03/30)
    Eryn Brasovan, President of the National Premium Finance Association hosted this ICE webinar on March 30, 2017. The webinar covers “Premium Finance 101” providing more awareness of property and casualty insurance premium finance loans and their impact on insurance companies. Participants will learn about the origination and servicing of premium finance loans and how these processes lead to interaction with insurance companies. Included examples of such interactions are policy verifications, arranging premium funding, and resolving loan balances when a premium finance company cancels financed policies. The objective of the webinar is to educate insurance companies about the obligations arising under states’ premium finance laws and to facilitate communication between insurance companies and premium finance companies to increase efficiency and understanding.
  • Nuts and Bolts of Deposition Testimony (2016/09/22)
    This webinar will provide strategies to properly prepare for a deposition and to successfully testify at a deposition. Insurance collection staff and management may be deposed individually or in the capacity of a corporate representative. Regardless of the role of the witness, a successful deponent employs many of the same techniques and strategies. This introductory webinar with mock deposition examples in the context of an insurance collection matter will educate and prepare prospective witnesses.
  • Improving Collections by Stopping Fraud Before It Happens (2016/04/06)
    Check and ACH payments remain the most cost effective way to process premiums unless they return. As mobile payments and other electronic options provide convenience to customers, the risk of fraud to carriers increases substantially. Collection expenses, customer inconvenience and cash flow are all impacted when there’s a problem with the payment from a bank account. This webinar will illustrate the latest trends in eliminating fraud and related collection expenses from this payment channel.
  • PCI DSS Compliance Webinar (2015/09/24)
    Webinar key learning objectives:
    • PCI DSS overview
    • Key changes in version 3.1
    • How 3.1 changes could impact new customer experience strategies (mobile apps)
    • Key risks to insurers who underwrite policies for customers or commercial entities who take credit card payments from consumers
  • Active Customer Engagement (2015/08/14)
    Ann Evans from RevSpring discusses how finding the right strategic balance is critical to ensure your business adapts with the market and evolving customer experience.
  • SUCCESS Reading List - Pressure (2015/03/25)
    See what others are saying about Dr. Weisingers new book, Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most in SUCCESS Magazine.
  • Enterprise Billing & Payments (2015/03/12)

    This webinar brought to you by Mphasis and ICE, explains how a comprehensive Enterprise Billing and payment Strategy can transform billing and payment processes from mundane, recurring back office cost center status to a fundamental enabler of corporate objectives competitive differentiation. Leveraging methods already proven across multiple industries will enable your organization to capitalize on new customer service tools that are quickly becoming the table stakes in the broader consumer payments market. The transformation begins by leaving behind the notion of billing as a painful but necessary back office process, and embracing it as a competitive differentiator that can also reduce expenses.

    Visit or contact Brad Hauser, or Tony Brock, and be sure to mention ICE.

    For a link to view this webinar, click Link: Link

  • Effective Performance Documentation (2014/09/15)
    This webinar brought to you by WD Communications and ICE, explains that an effective performance document is one of the most beneficial ways to motivate employees to repeat positive behaviors and change negatives ones. Mike Mannon, President and CEO, WD Communications walks you through the ins and outs of simple performance tracking, documentation, and coaching in this one-hour webinar. Afterward, youll be able to spot incorrect performance documentation immediately, and youll start documenting and coaching in more meaningful and appropriate ways. WD Communications offers Specialized Training through customized seminars and webinars developed to improve workplace communication and efficiency.

    For a link to additional information about this webinar, click Link: Link

  • How to Handle Resistant Uninsured Tortfeasors (Auto) (2014/07/08)
    This webinar brought to you by National Association of Subrogation Professional (NASP) and ICE, explains how productive conversations with tortfeasors work to increase recoveries. Not every conversation is easy or goes as planned. When an uninsured tortfeasor becomes resistant, the claim and even the companys brand could be at risk if the conversation is not handled properly. Speakers Kim Rathbone, Insurance Subrogation Practice Group Lead, and Julie Vaccaro, Subrogation Attorney Manager, at Javitch, Block & Rathbone, LLC. explore the sources of resistance, discuss effective negotiation strategies to counteract opposition and utilize examples of problem language with solutions to redirect the conversation.

    For a link to additional information about this webinar, click Link: Link

  • ICE Webinar: Successor Liability & How to Beat the Corporate Three-Card Monte (2014/06/11)
    Companies often utilize asset transfers between related corporations or those with ownership connections to protect assets and avoid liabilities. While many asset transfers are legitimate, it is far too common that such transfers are made without fair consideration and used to improperly evade debts. This can leave creditors in the unenviable position of chasing debt owed by defunct corporations stripped of value.
  • Shifting Landscape for Billing and Payments: Are You Prepared? Video (2014/03/05)
    Get the latest results from two comprehensive billing and payment studies and learn first-hand how the changing landscape will impact your business. Does your company have the billing and payment options your customers are looking for? Are your strategies aligned with the changing landscape?
  • Shifting Landscape for Billing and Payments: Are You Prepared? Slides (2014/03/05)
  • Career Development for the Insurance Professional Video (2013/09/12)
    This webinar will inform you about the ICE Education Program and how it can provide you with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills needed to help accelerate your career in insurance.
  • Career Development for the Insurance Professional Slides (2013/09/12)
  • Pros and Cons of E-mail: Lessons Learned (2013/06/13)
    Sam Thomas, of Bressler, Amery & Ross, addresses the role of email in the workplace and it's potential to both advance collection goals and create obstacles. Through examples taken from actual collection matters, the presentation delivers practical information which can be immediately implemented to improve collection results.
  • Cloud 101 Webinar (2013/04/05)
    One Shield introduces industry analyst, Karen Furtado of Strategy Meets Action who provides an overview of Cloud, including the various Cloud options available and statistics around the adoption of cloud in the marketplace.
  • Ed Wallace Video Instructions (2013/02/19)
  • Ed Wallace Webinar Slides (2013/02/13)
    Ed Wallace delivers his Creating Relational Capital presentation. Ed shares real life experiences and examples from his book Business Relationships that Last. If you want your team to understand the importance of building business relationships, make sure you view this webinar.
  • Ed Wallace Webinar Video (2013/02/13)
  • Project & Change Management Webinar (2012/11/12)
    Donald Duffey, PMP at Zurich, presents an overview of project management and change management with examples of successful projects.
  • The Key to Collection without Litigation - Premium Audits (2012/07/20)
    Sam Thomas, of Bressler, Amery & Ross, conducts this webinar to help collection departments achieve the highest percentage recovery in the shortest amount of time and with the least expense. The webinar provides a comprehensive explanation of audit premiums and how they are derived. The webinar is tailored to insurance executives and in-house collection staff.
  • Leveraging Modern Technologies to Drive Superior Customer Service (2012/03/29)
    One Shield introduces Karen Furtado of Strategy Meets Action, who is a recognized industry expert in the core systems space. With exceptional knowledge and experience in the areas of policy administration, rating, billing and claims, Karen is the go-to person for all things core.
  • Legal Structure and Litigation Process Part 2 (2012/01/26)
    Don Leviton, Brown & Joseph, presents this webinar for credit and collection professionals and what they need to know about the litigation process. While it is targeted for credit and collection professionals, it is presented from the point of view of an attorney.
  • Earned Premium Recoveries - Best Practices Webinar (2011/11/28)
    The CCS Companies present on industry standard best practices for earned premium recoveries (commercial and personal lines). During this webinar, we review industry trends and recovery best practices.
  • Billing Systems Best Practices Recording (2011/05/23)
  • Billing Best Practices Webinar Slides (2011/05/10)
    One Shield and industry analyst, Martina Conlon of Novarica, discuss how you get the most from your billing system. During this webinar, we review insurance billing trends and best practices.
  • Legal Structure & Litigation Process (2011/04/06)
    Alison Sima and Steven Gelsosomo from Brown & Joseph, present the first part of this webinar on the legal structure and the Commercial Litigation process from serving a summons to trial and settlement.
  • Premium Audit Collections Best Practices (2010/11/18)
    Patrick Connolly, OLSI, presents an introduction to Premium Audit best practices.
  • The ABC's of Account-Level Billing (2010/05/30)
    Guidewire Software provides an educational webinar on the ABC's of account-level billing. We discuss an overview of the billing marketplace & the changes in customer demands, benefits of account-level billing, potential hurdles, lessons learned and recommendations.
  • How Your Billing System Can Improve Service, Retain Customers & Increase Profits (2009/10/07)
    Guidewire presents a webinar on the billing market today, the role billing plays and what carriers should look for in a billing system.