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Poll Date: February 25, 2013
Total Answers: 39
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  • Accounts are on pay by payroll. No payroll no premium due
  • Not cancelling policies until such time as the moratorium is lifted
  • Loss Sensitive
  • We continued to bill, but didn't send notices of impending cancellation for nonpayment until the moratorium expired. We also didn't refer accounts in the affected areas over to collection until the moratorium had been lifted.
  • Although it was unlikely our customers were impacted we elected to address each case if there was a need to work with the customer; when we face natural disasters/inclement weather factors we have addressed each customers needs as they are brought to our attention.
  • Extending due date on late payments received according to moratorium
  • We stopped all processing as soon as the Storm hit for impacted areas..Once moratorium lifted, we go right to the next step...If past due, we send cancellation for non payment
  • Continue to bill and not send cancellations through moratorium
  • NA, not our operating states
  • Working with each agent individually on payment extensions.
  • We continue to bill, but prevented cancellation in the impacted areas.
  • We stopped cancellations, continued to bill and provided accommodations when requested, so its a combination.
  • Continuing billing, holding cancellation

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