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About ICE

Insurance Collection Executives, "ICE", is an industry organization dedicated to supporting the insurance collection professional. While the organization's roots date back more than 40 years, ICE addresses the many challenges faced by today's insurance collection professionals. At the core of the organization is a Board of Directors comprised of committed industry executives, who, like you, recognize the tremendous benefit of this unique industry affiliation.

ICE is a non-profit organization with a targeted membership of insurance industry executives. In a rapidly paced collection environment, ICE provides the perfect solution for collection executives interested in learning from peers within their own industry discipline.

Message From The President

President’s Message

Among the most important steps I’ve ever taken was to attend my first ICE conference.  That was the beginning of my ICE journey which has been an experience rich in personal growth and professional development opportunities.  

ICE has helped me to cultivate truly meaningful business connections with an experienced and supportive network of collection professionals.  I can’t even begin to estimate the contribution that ICE has made to my personal, departmental and organizational results.

If you are in a position of responsibility over any aspect of your organization’s premium collection and reconciliation activities you owe it to yourself, and to the company you serve to become a member of ICE.

To our current members, your continued commitment to ICE is appreciated and I look forward to greeting you all at this year’s conference!

Gary Woodring, ICE President