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Purchasing/Selling Receivables Webinar (2018/2/21)

ICE partnered with Brown & Joseph, experts in commercial Property/Casualty insurance debt recovery and revenue cycle solutions, to present this webinar.

Expanded Payment Webinar (2017/10/18)

Paymentus describes how giving policyholders more payment options can impact satisfaction and adoption of your eServices. Often insurance companies have outdated payment interfaces and/or minimal payment channels, and that can lead to low customer adoption of your electronic payments. During the webinar, we’ll explore a variety of topics to help you engage your policyholders, speed up collections, and stay ahead of the competition. Participants will understand the impact of modern, seamless, and intuitive payment interfaces on usage, learn about new mobile payment trends, uncover best practices for using outbound noti cations, and explore techniques to alleviate the risk and burden of compliance and security issues associated with taking electronic payments.

Premium Finance 101 (2017/03/30)

Eryn Brasovan, President of the National Premium Finance Association hosted this ICE webinar on March 30, 2017. The webinar covers “Premium Finance 101” providing more awareness of property and casualty insurance premium finance loans and their impact on insurance companies. Participants will learn about the origination and servicing of premium finance loans and how these processes lead to interaction with insurance companies. Included examples of such interactions are policy verifications, arranging premium funding, and resolving loan balances when a premium finance company cancels financed policies. The objective of the webinar is to educate insurance companies about the obligations arising under states’ premium finance laws and to facilitate communication between insurance companies and premium finance companies to increase efficiency and understanding.

Nuts and Bolts of Deposition Testimony (2016/09/22)

This webinar will provide strategies to properly prepare for a deposition and to successfully testify at a deposition. Insurance collection staff and management may be deposed individually or in the capacity of a corporate representative. Regardless of the role of the witness, a successful deponent employs many of the same techniques and strategies. This introductory webinar with mock deposition examples in the context of an insurance collection matter will educate and prepare prospective witnesses.

Improving Collections by Stopping Fraud Before It Happens (2016/04/06)

Check and ACH payments remain the most cost effective way to process premiums unless they return. As mobile payments and other electronic options provide convenience to customers, the risk of fraud to carriers increases substantially. Collection expenses, customer inconvenience and cash flow are all impacted when there’s a problem with the payment from a bank account. This webinar will illustrate the latest trends in eliminating fraud and related collection expenses from this payment channel.

PCI DSS Compliance Webinar (2015/09/24)

Webinar key learning objectives:
PCI DSS overview
Key changes in version 3.1
How 3.1 changes could impact new customer experience strategies (mobile apps)
Key risks to insurers who underwrite policies for customers or commercial entities who take credit card payments from consumers

Active Customer Engagement (2015/08/14)

Ann Evans from RevSpring discusses how finding the right strategic balance is critical to ensure your business adapts with the market and evolving customer experience.

SUCCESS Reading List - Pressure (2015/03/25)

See what others are saying about Dr. Weisingers new book, Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most in SUCCESS Magazine.

Enterprise Billing & Payments (2015/03/12)


This webinar brought to you by Mphasis and ICE, explains how a comprehensive Enterprise Billing and payment Strategy can transform billing and payment processes from mundane, recurring back office cost center status to a fundamental enabler of corporate objectives competitive differentiation. Leveraging methods already proven across multiple industries will enable your organization to capitalize on new customer service tools that are quickly becoming the table stakes in the broader consumer payments market. The transformation begins by leaving behind the notion of billing as a painful but necessary back office process, and embracing it as a competitive differentiator that can also reduce expenses.

Visit or contact Brad Hauser, or Tony Brock, and be sure to mention ICE.

ICE Webinar: Successor Liability & How to Beat the Corporate Three-Card Monte (2014/06/11)

Companies often utilize asset transfers between related corporations or those with ownership connections to protect assets and avoid liabilities. While many asset transfers are legitimate, it is far too common that such transfers are made without fair consideration and used to improperly evade debts. This can leave creditors in the unenviable position of chasing debt owed by defunct corporations stripped of value.

Pros and Cons of E-mail: Lessons Learned (2013/06/13)

Sam Thomas, of Bressler, Amery & Ross, addresses the role of email in the workplace and it's potential to both advance collection goals and create obstacles. Through examples taken from actual collection matters, the presentation delivers practical information which can be immediately implemented to improve collection results.

How Your Billing System Can Improve Service, Retain Customers & Increase Profits (2009/10/07)

Guidewire presents a webinar on the billing market today, the role billing plays and what carriers should look for in a billing system.