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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing ICE membership; promoting ICE within the insurance industry and ensuring ICE is meeting the needs of its members.
Committee Chair:
Tamela Doyle 
ICE Director
Union Standard Insurance Company
Phone: (972)719-2468
Carol Barry Headshot
Committee Co-Chair:
Carol Barry
Financial Services Manager
Phone: (804) 525-1374


Ron Cholaj – RSUI

Christopher Farina – ReProgram Risk

Jerah Flynn – Federated
Crystal Knowles – Liberty Mutual

Barbara Riedinger – CNA

Brandi Rische – Society

Paula Tomsu – Argo Group 

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Goals for 2020

  • New Members:
    • Continue slow growth. Maintain range of 58-62 active members
    • Target new members based on results of Member profile updates to round out membership with emphasis on new members in Workers Comp and Personal Lines
  • New Conference Attendees:
    • Target 2 non-member companies’ attendance
  • Committee endeavors: 
    • Support successful transition of new Committee Char and Co Chair into new roles while fulfilling needs of existing committee members
    • Identify potential new members for committee to round out diversity (ie Personal Lines and Workers Comp)
  • First-Timers: 
    • Continue deliver framework for successful 1st timer experience
      • Discuss assignment of a mentor to 1st timers
    • Prepare with pre-conference contacts
    • Assist planning committee with 1st Timer Breakfast where needed
    • Follow-up with First Timers after the conference
  • Membership Satisfaction & Engagement: 
    • Encourage conference attendance 
    • Partner with Committee Chairs to confirm if additional members are needed and target candidates for contact
    • Follow-up with members to update Profiles
  • Support annual membership drive: 
    • Send e-mails to membership to ensure receipt and correct contact
    • Update membership contacts accordingly
    • Follow up with unpaid invoices 30 days after due 
    • Contact members who cancel membership to determine cause and report back findings to Board. (i.e. exit survey/interview)
  • Support Expansion of Exhibitors: 
    • Increase non-Collection agency exhibitors
      • Including potential of investigating nationally recognized Temp Agency(s)
    • Coordinate with Executive Director to maximize diversity of Exhibitors
For additional information about ICE please email